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Marilyne Crestias MAICD

Principal - Renewable Energy I Economics

Marilyne - a Director of Renewable Energy Insights Pty Ltd - is a leader in the energy and government sectors with a wealth of experience in the economics of energy markets, renewable energy auction design, climate change and environmental policy advice.

Marilyne has delivered legislation to support the Victorian Renewable Energy Target and designed the largest renewable energy auction in Australia. She has led the Victorian government’s Interim Response to the Review into the retail electricity and gas markets.

Prior to specialising in energy, Marilyne worked for more than a decade in various roles in the Victorian public sector, including in the Victorian Treasury budget and forecasting areas. She has advised on key large-scale infrastructure projects, particularly in the water and energy sectors.

Marilyne has a Master in Economics and International Finance and a Graduate Diploma in Asian studies.

She is a member of the Zero Carbon Communities Investments Reference Group organised by Beyond Zero Emissions, and the Industry Transformation Member Reference Group organised by Ai Group.

Marilyne is an entrepreneur and her leadership style fosters a collaborative and innovative culture. She has signed the Clean Energy Council’s Leaders’ Pledge to demonstrate her commitment and belief in the proven value and importance of achieving gender diversity.

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